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About Us

The Authors

We’re Katie and Craig, the wife and husband team behind Ryan Goes Mountain Biking. We’re outdoor enthusiasts, avid mountain bikers, and parents to an adventurous, puddle-jumping daughter, Ryan, who loves exploring the world on two wheels (usually with dirt stains on her t-shirt). When stationary, you can find our family curled up on the couch with a stack of picture books. 


Originally from Central Massachusetts and East Tennessee, we now live in Scottsdale, Arizona, with our beloved labrador, Charlie.

The Inspiration

For Ryan’s birthday, we searched for a children’s book that captured the real magic of a sport we hope to share with her for years to come. We wanted to find a story of a strong, capable, risk-taking, responsible, thrill-seeking mountain biking girl. We couldn’t find one, so we knew we needed to write it!

Stories Matter

We know that reading to kids quite literally changes their brains. As parents, we believe in the power of picture books to introduce new ideas, spark interests, and shape kids’ perceptions of themselves and the world around them.


Magic Happens on Two Wheels

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Kids thrive in a mountain biking community. Riders of all ages and from every walk of life can share in the experience. It’s a camaraderie that builds a child’s sense of respect, purpose, and self-esteem. 

A mountain biker must be prepared, responsible, and adaptable. A child best acquires those life skills by having the opportunity to practice them in an empowering, supportive, and engaging way. 


Mountain biking allows a child to realize the strength of their own body and the sheer joy and freedom it provides them. Riding gives them the confidence to take thoughtful risks and the grit to get back up when they fall down. 

Our greatest hope for Ryan Goes Mountain Biking is to inspire more kids to hit the trails. Doing anything in the great outdoors is good for the body and soul, but there’s something uniquely special that happens to a kid on a mountain bike. 


Mountain biking is a child’s connection to nature and themselves. It’s the sound of the earth beneath their tires. It’s the feel of the crisp morning air and the hot afternoon sun. It’s sweaty and muddy. It’s the utmost challenge and the ultimate reward. It’s total immersion in a feeling of energized focus. And it is so much fun. 

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A growth mindset doesn't happen by accident.


How you teach a child to do anything is how you teach a child to do everything. We support parents, families, coaches, and educators doing their best to raise emotionally resilient kids. 

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