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Mark Verstegen
Founder and President, Exos

The quality of our life experience is defined by the magical and meaningful moments of our childhood. Ryan Goes Mountain Biking shares the joy of preparing and flowing through mother nature while learning life's winning habits.  She learns the power of respecting and taking responsibility for nature and all who share her trails.  This beautifully captured journey inspires through smiles to scrapes, courageous climbs to confident descents all with great gratitude and grit.  It will be a true family favorite.


Nikki samuels 
Author, Tiny Twigs Press

As a mother of two little bikers, former elementary teacher, and avid outdoors(wo)man, I'm always looking for good books and this one really resonated with me! The illustrations are wonderful and it truly captures the beauty of nature out on the trails. I also love how this book covers outdoor preparation, safe biking, and trail etiquette without sounding preachy! This book is a must-have for your adventure bookshelf and the perfect gift for mountain biking kiddos!


David Sobel
Author and Professor Emeritus 
Antioch University New England

Ryan, the young bicyclist in Ryan Goes Mountain Biking, is a great role model for young girls. She's ambitious, adventurous, likes to get muddy, and doesn't mind a few scratches and scrapes. She's connected to the natural world through her body and her bike. This is a great book to motivate young girls and boys to try out the exciting sport of mountain biking.


David Wiens 
Executive Director, International Mountain Bicycling Association

Every kid should get the chance to explore the world on two wheels. This is a story to inspire the next generation of mountain bikers.

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